Increasing traffic to eCommerce websites

Here’s a few free tips on how you can grow your traffic & get more visitors for your eCommerce website:

  • Create articles /content pieces based on problems people have, and the answers they are seeking. For example, there might be 1000’s of people per month doing a search like this “best high heel brands for women with wide feet”. You could write an article called “The ultimate guide to buying high heels for broad feet”. You could end up writing 100’s of those types of articles addressing all different problems that your customers are facing, and bringing in mountains of website traffic in the process.

  • Create highly focused product/categories for highly specific searches (e.g. red leather high heels size 12) and then run paid search ads to these, or get them ranking organically in Google. Because your product category is so specific, you’ll perform better on both paid & organic search, with cheaper cost-per-click, better organic rankings and better conversion rate to sale.

  • Run low cost advertising on Facebook or Instagram and target people who fit the profile of your ideal customer. If you get the audience targeting right, you can get clicks for as little as 10c, so a budget of $1000 p/month might generate you 10,000 visits per month. You’ll need to refine this and work on getting the best quality traffic, but if you’re looking for a quick traffic boost this is a good start.

Like to learn more about you can grow you eCommerce business?

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