How does it work when you engage my services?


Remote consulting or coaching by the hour.

Let’s hook up via ZOOM or Google Hangouts and I can help you address your digital marketing challenges. This is a great, low risk way for you to try my services without needing to commit to a bigger retainer. It will also let you adjust the amount of my time you need based on which challenges pop up in your business.

Day or half-day working onsite with you.

If you need to really get down to business why not drag me into your office for the day or half a day. We can do a deep dive into your challenges and work side-by-side on addressing them. Obviously this will mainly apply to clients in Melbourne (where I’m based), but I can often travel interstate or even internationally if required.

Monthly retainer where we deliver a specific result for you.

If you’d rather be hands off, and let me take care of business for you - that’s fine! We can put together a monthly retainer agreement that let’s me work on specific challenges or aim to hit targets for you, and we’ll check-in once or twice a month to review progress.