Growth consulting for eCommerce, SAAS, startups & innovators

Grow online sales by minimum 25-50% in just 12 weeks.

Chris Harris Marketing is a results-first digital marketing firm, specialising in delivering fast growth for eCommerce innovative or luxury brands. We offer our clients an option between online coaching or done-for-you consulting services.

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We exist to deliver online sales growth as fast as possible.

We’re a digital marketing consultancy who specialise in helping growth-orientated eCommerce businesses to hit their aggressive revenue targets. We do this by putting our clients on the fast track over an intensive 12 week period, where we’ll be aiming to grow your online sales or leads by between 25 - 50% minimum.

Are you an entrepreneur, founder or marketing type who’s a bit stuck on how to grow? Imagine being able to put together a 12-week game plan which would grow your sales by 25-50%. That would solve so many problems and give you some oxygen to plan for more future growth, right?

There are some businesses out there which are just primed for growth. With incredible product-market fit, great operations and distribution, brilliant design, but are lacking in some fundamental digital marketing areas. By focusing in on these areas and working aggressively on them for 12 weeks, we can remove roadblocks & turn on the firehose of growth.



360° capability across all digital challenges.


Digital strategy

User experience




Platforms & tools



Paid ads

Organic & content



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Why do I love fast growth digital marketing?

Because it’s wonderful to be able to purposefully engineer a specific outcome and help a brand to evolve.

In a universe of total chaos & indifference to human will, it’s an incredible privilege to be able to make a slight change to something today and see the big impact of that change tomorrow.

It’s a total rush, and it’s addictive.


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This might be the most important thing you do today, this year, or ever.

Have you heard the premise that the most important task for the day is the one which makes all others easier, irrelevant or redundant?

The great news about engaging an external expert like myself, is that you don't need to make 10 or 20 strategic internal moves (searching, hiring, training, SOPs, platform setup, research, etc) to give your business the capability to acquire more customers. There's just one move - engage me and my team, to deliver the growth you need.

That's why you're here isn't it? You know in order to be successful you need the best experts around you. Perhaps you've discovered that through using the wrong experts, or perhaps you've had success hiring external experts and you're looking to do more. Either way, we’ll go on that journey with you, and will push you and your business to be the best it can possibly be.




Are you someone who views short term growth a huge business priority?

✔ Growing for sale & exit ✔ Better investment terms ✔ Board meeting game plans  ✔ Avoiding down rounds ✔ Attracting new capital ✔ Increasing profitability

Is your SAAS, eCommerce, startup or innovative business in a rapid growth phase, with aggressive revenue targets to hit? Are you looking to make your business more desirable, allowing you to negotiate better terms on investment? Is your board putting the pressure on, demanding results, or wanting to know your game plan? In other words, do you need growth to happen right now?

We choose to work with businesses which are privately owned & backed, are pre-exit, and are focused on achieving the fastest growth rate possible. We have a warchest of tactics and tools which can be mobilised at a moments notice to help you get to where you want to be. Your sense of urgency isn’t lost on us, and we’ll jump right in.

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Get a free strategy call and find out if 25-50% growth in 12 weeks is possible for you.

The first stage of growth is to accurately understand the current situation. Knowing your business’ strengths and weaknesses will help you to prioritise activities which really move the needle.

Our free 30 minute strategy call helps us to identify if you’re a good fit to work with us, and also provides some instantly actionable insights for you.



A selection of previous clients


Plus 100’s of other brands and businesses over the last 10 years.

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Cool! Any questions?


How can you be sure you’ll get me a positive result?

It all comes down to our screening & enrolment process. We ensure that from our first strategy call, that we are identifying if you’re a good fit for this accelerated program. We exist to serve those who need growth to happen now, but just needing or wanting to grow isn’t enough. We need to see that growth is actually possible, and that we’re the right team to deliver it. If we can’t see that you can achieve a positive result in the 12 week program, we simply can’t enrol you, but will be sure to recommend other options for you.


Why are your programs & projects run over 12 weeks?

Think of it like your favourite sport - it’s run over a season isn’t it? This season has a build up and preparation stage, but once the first round comes around it’s all guns blazing. By putting our programs into “seasons” or 12 week programs, we’re able to achieve and maintain a level of momentum and intensity which leads to extremely positive outcomes. Instead of sitting back, feet up, and saying “we’ll make it work eventually”, we need to get the result in 12 weeks, which keeps our team focused and also keeps you accountable as a client in giving us what we need to make that success happen.


How much do you charge for your program?

Once we have conducted the strategy call and deemed you a good fit, we’ll complete our 12-point digital marketing audit on your business and identify between 3-5 initiatives that we believe will give us that 25-50% growth. We’ll then price the 12 week program accordingly, based on the complexity of what needs to be done. We will be able to give you an indicative price though by the end of the free initial strategy call.


I’m not an eCommerce company. Can you still help?

Perhaps. We do specialise in eCommerce & SAAS because typically they are more easily scaled in a short time frame. But, we also do have a lot of experience with innovative products, startup and luxury brands. So your best bet is to reach out and grab a free strategy call, and we can discuss things a bit further.



Book free strategy call

A productive 30 minute conversation about your business, market & targets in which we’ll decide if/how we can help you.

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